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Truth to the People

We live in a time of incredible possibility. Each day brings another technological advance, another disease conquered, another galaxy discovered. And yet despite these everyday miracles, we so often lose sight of the miracle that is each and every one of us. 

There is so much celebration around looking alike, dressing alike, sounding alike, and getting likes. We become so fixed on the goal of being as uniform as possible. And the most unfortunate part of that desire is that often we succeed.  We forget that our treasure is our individuality.

And that is where we must return to the people we were in our youth - proudly and defiantly unique. We must embrace our truth, our authenticity. We must write our own stories instead of simply echoing those we see around us.

This quest for our collective youth is more than simply wanting to be younger, it’s a matter of choosing to live with a heart for the sincere, the natural, the real. To rediscover our youth at any age we must return to that which is within each of us - the part we lose sight of after years of trying to be what everyone else wants us to be. Only then can we truly embrace the possibility of right now. Henry David Thoreau put it best, “Be yourself - not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”


*Photo found on Pinterest