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Our Tribe, Our Village

Community is the axis our lives hinge on. Never before has the word community had such a broad meaning. We hear it and we think about our tribe, the friends, family, and collaborators we see often, the mindfully inspired we commune with on social media, whether they’re in the same city or hemisphere, and the global village we’ll never know or meet but that we impact nonetheless.

Our increasing interconnectedness means we can do each other increasing good. And harm.

Contention, feuding, and injustice seem inescapable. It’s not enough to block out the noise. To claim the good ‘isms and reject the bad ‘isms.

It’s ever-important that we live mindfully and aware of the consequences we have on our global tribe -and that not all of our tribe is treated equally or with dignity.

We get it. It’s easy to get wrapped up. To only see the tribe in front of you. We remind ourselves to live like we’re going to come face to face with the rest of the global village, someday.

To us, running a business with conscience means reflecting on how we impact that wider community. Means minimizing the footprint we leave on the environment. Means sourcing local to reduce carbon emissions. Means treating animals with respect and never testing on them. Means acting with transparency. Means treating our employees like they’re our squad – because they are. Means producing skincare that’s healthful and that we use.