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Kale is more than a trend - it’s a worldview. And while it may be heralded by those who embrace the notion that less is more, who value the uncomplicated purity of clean eating, mindful living, and optimistic thinking, there’s room for everyone in this outlook. Whether for its myriad nutritional benefits or variety of creative uses, this globally-grown wonderplant appeals to everyone wanting to get the most out of life. And why? One word: versatility.

With over 50 varieties grown worldwide, kale carries quite the arsenal of health benefits. A single serving weighs in at only 33 calories and yet manages to provide a full day’s portion of vitamins A, C, and K making it a marvelous addition to any diet. Everything from mood improvement to memory enhancement to anxiety reduction can come from this one robust and resilient plant.

Keeping with the theme of versatility, there is no cap on the creative ways in which kale can be used. Having a picnic? No need to waste paper plates, throw down some kale leaves and dish up the grub. Making a fresh flower arrangement? Spruce up the bouquet with some luscious leafy greens.

Strong, useful, and available everywhere, bringing kale into the way you care for your body both inside and out will increase your quality of life and clarity of mind. A final piece of food for thought (pun intended): kale becomes sweeter after weathering a frost - perhaps if we imagine the ways in which life occasionally puts us through a cold period as methods of making us more flavorful, we’d be prepared to brave them all the more readily.