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A Moment Of Gratitude

We’ve heard since we were children - “count your blessings” - but how many of us have gone without doing so for longer than we can remember?

Ask just about any random group of people for a show of hands and most likely you’ll get an almost unanimous set of arms in the air. That said, it’s not that we’re not grateful - often times we’re very aware of just how many wonderful things our lives contain - it’s that we get comfortable keeping our gratitude to ourselves.

Whether we’re intending to keep from sounding like braggarts or simply complacent, it can be all too easy to let voicing our thankfulness fall to the wayside.

The sad truth, however, is that externally silent gratitude can very quickly begin devolving into internally silent gratitude - the kind where we let ourselves forget that gratitude should be a constant as opposed to something we’re reminded of at birthdays, Christmas and the occasional promotion.

But there is absolutely still hope - even for those of us who’ve begun to take nearly all of our blessings for granted. It’s as simple as making a list. Growing gratitude is a matter of not only reminding ourselves what we already have to be grateful for, but also challenging ourselves to look for even more.

Whether it’s right when you wake up, during your lunch break or possibly even right before bed, begin a list of things you’re grateful for and add to it each day. The one catch - no repeats! The first few weeks - even months - can be quite easy so long as you’re creative. But once you get past your physical belongings, bodily health, friends and family members and so on, that’s when you have to start searching for things to be grateful for…

...and that’s what an attitude of gratitude is all about.

The lives we each lead are full of everything from incredible happiness to shattering disappointment. And yet in the midst of all of the wonder and struggle, holding to a constant quest for gratitude will maintain everything from youthful glee to true inner calm.

So let’s get listing…




*Photo found on Pinterest