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How to Stop Skin Stress Before It Starts

by Elsa de Berker Stress is an unfortunate, and often inevitable, side-effect of living. There are obvious tell-tale signs that you are under too m...

5 Things Your Skin Needs More of This Fall

The transition from summer to fall can signal a few timely changes in your skincare routine, too —particularly if you live somewhere with seasons. “As we enter the cooler months, there is less humidity in the air, so the skin gets drier.

Beautiful People: Phem

By Alyssa Shapiro Phem is a musician and an artist whose songs are so much about feeling like an outsider, or expressing insecurities in order to ...

Pay Attention to Your Skin's pH!

Alkaline water, it’s all the rage! Particularly when it comes from a filtered tap. Here at YTTP HQ, we’re particularly in love with our FloWater (n...

What Happens to Your Skin While You Sleep

by Shammara Lawrence Beauty sleep is real. When we sleep our bodies go into repair mode, fixing any damage from the day, and the same is true for o...